The Junior Diaires

Nov 12


cried twice today.

thank you, boys.

I hate all of you.

Nov 10


probably have a concussion.

and the season hasn’t even started yet.


Nov 07

Let’s see

Indoor soccer every sunday

basketball every day of the week, sometimes not on sunday

high school every day of my life

quiz team every monday

and college courses starting in january.

My life is busy as hell.

Nov 07


so. my ex boyfriend is an idiot. end of story.

oh, and a pussy.

now, end of story.

and cheating on his new gf, yayyy! lmfao

Nov 06


We lost our indoor game, 7-3. And I can’t move because of my back. Pulled muscle. Fml.

Nov 06


today has already been bad. awesome.

the guy I like is a whore. so, I have to unlike him. If only it were as easy as it is on facebook.

I probably pulled a muscle in my  back. and my ankle hurts. and we have an indoor game today.

oh, and I’m sick.

Nov 06


that aggravating moment when you KNOW the guy your “talking” to, is talking to other girls, and really doesn’t give a shit about you.

-whore whore whore whore whore whore whore whore.

Nov 05

Day…..I already forget

Sooo. Today. 5 hours of sleep. Basketball practice. Football game. Hair cut. Volleyball going to final four. Played cards at Steph’s. Watching more football.

Nov 05

quote If you don’t come out with at least one bruise, you didn’t play hard enough.

— Coach Dan Wolford
Nov 05


Reasons to Play:

-practice, getting in shape for AAU

-Team experience

-If I practice, I might as well get a letter for playing

-May get more playing time

Reasons to Not Play:

-May get treated like crap again

-College classes